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Kamien Pomorski
Sanatorium, city of monuments and festival
This is a beautiful town situated only 8 km from the Baltic Sea, which origins go back to the 9th century. Kamien Pomorski is called ‘ The summer capital of Polish music’ because of many cultural events organized there.
The therapeutic activity of Kamien Pomorski began in the 19th century, when in 1876 the salt springs were found. The very attractive location at the seaside and a special microclimate allow Kamień Pomorski to be one of the most famous Polish health centres.
Sanatorium 'Uzdrowisko Kamień Pomorski' is specilized in treatment of motorial system diseases of orthopaedic and traumatic origins as well as neurological and rheumatic diseases. It helps also in cardiac and orthopaedic rehabilitation. They have programmes for women after mastectomy.

Salt springs
The mineral water of Kamień Pomorski, rich in bromine, iodine, ferric and barium ions, is a natural medicine used to improve the skin`s conditions, loosen muscular tensions and relax nervous system. The sanatorium`s patients can choose from various treatments based on the saline water: baths, therapeutic gym in the swimming pool, inhalation.

Mud is a natural therapeutic product of peat which started to form 12.000 years ago.
In the 19th century mud was for the first time used for therapeutic purposes in Poland. Thanks to the organic acids and salts, mud has antiphlogistic and germicidial properties, help regeneration of epidermitis and distroyed tissues, improve the blood flow in the skin. In the Sanatorium 'Uzdrowisko Kamień Pomorski' the mud is used in poultices and recommended in neuralgia caused by backbone injuries, after hepatitis, arthritis.

The Sanatorium 'Uzdrowisko Kamień Pomorski' specializes in the treatment of:
- motorial system diseases
- rheumatic disease
- neurological diseases
- circulatory system diseases
- cardiac rehabilitation
- orthopaedic rehabilitation
- post-mastectomy rehabilitation

The treatments include: different types of baths, therapeutic gymnastics, mud therapy, massage, light therapy, inhalation.
There is a rehabilitation swimming pool in the Sanatorium. The hot saline water has a very good influence on backbone problems.

Non only the treatment
Thanks to its rich history, the town offers many possibilities of excursions to see its monuments, among the others an ancient cathedral and a 14th century gate in which now we can visit a Museum of Minerals and Gems with remains of a dinosaur. The water reservoirs around Kamień Pomorski create perfect conditions to practice sport or participate in a cruise.

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